1966 Studio Sessions

February 16-17, 1966: Soundtrack Recordings for “Spinout”

Feb. 16, Radio Recorders, Hollywood

  • Smorgasbord (Tepper/Bennett – Gladys Music)
  • Stop, Look And Listen (Byers – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Am I Ready (Tepper/Bennett – Gladys Music)
  • Beach Shack (Giant/Baum/Kaye – Elvis Presley Music)

Feb. 17, Radio Recorders, Hollywood

  • Never Say Yes (Pomus/Shuman – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Spinout (Wayne/Weisman/Fuller – Gladys Music)
  • All That I Am (Tepper/Bennett – Gladys Music)
  • Adam and Evil (Wise/Starr – Gladys Music)
  • I’ll Be Back (Wayne/Weisman – Gladys Music)

February 1966 (specific dates unknown): Home Recordings

Feb. Rocca Place, Hollywood

NOTE: These are home recordings not STUDIO RECORDINGS or REHEARSALS

  • After Loving You (Miller/Lantz)
  • If I Love You (Hammerstein/Rodgers)

NOTE: The above two recordings feature Elvis on piano

  • Beyond The Reef (Pitman)
  • Show Me Thy Ways, O Lord (Shade)
  • Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds (Nolan)
  • Hide Thou Me (Lowry/Crosby)
  • It’s No Fun Being Lonely (West)
  • San Antonio Rose (Wills)
  • Tennessee Waltz (Steward/King)
  • Mary Lou Brown (West)
  • Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)
  • Oh How I Love Jesus (Traditional)
  • I, John
  • Suppose (Dee/Goehring)

Note: Elvis and friends singing bass and quartet

  • Fools Rush In (Bloom/Mercer)
  • It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie (Mayhew)
  • What Now My Love (Sigman/Becaud)
  • 500 Miles (West)
  • Blowing In The Wind (Dylan)

NOTE: The above five recordings feature Elvis and friends singing to karaoke.

  • Be My Love (Cahn/Brodsky)
  • Write To Me From Naples (Alstone/Kennedy)
  • My Heart Cries For You (Faith/Sigman)
  • Dark Moon (Miller)

May 25-28, 1966: Studio Sessions for RCA

May 25, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • Run On (Arr. by Presley – Elvis Presley Music)
  • How Great Thou Art (Hine – Manna Music)
  • Stand By Me (Arr. by Presley – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Where No One Stands Alone (Lister – Mosie Lister Pub.)
  • Down In The Alley (Stone – Progressive Music)
  • Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Dylan – M. Whitmark & Sons)

May 26, RCA Studio B, Nashville

No recording were completed.

May 27, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • Love Letters (Heyman/Young – Famous Music)
  • So High (Arr. by Presley – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Farther Along (Arr. by Presley – Elvis Presley Music)
  • By And By (Arr. by Presley – Elvis Presley Music)
  • In The Garden (Miles – Robbins Music)
  • Beyond The Reef (Pitman – Herald Square Music)

May 27, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • Somebody Bigger Than You An I (Lange/Heath/Burke – Bulls Eye Music)
  • Without Him (LeFevre – LeFevre Sing Music Co.)
  • If The Lord Wasn’t Walking By My Side (Slaughter – Imperial Pub.)
  • Where Could I Go But To The Lord (Coats – Stamps Baxter Music/Affiliated Music)

May 28, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • Come What May (Tableporter – Tiger Music)
  • Fools Fall In Love (Leiber/Stoller – Tiger Music)

June 10-16, 1966: Studio Sessions for RCA

Jun. 10, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • Indescribably Blue (Glenn - Elvis Presley Music)
  • I’ll Remember You (Lee – Herb Montei Music)
  • If Everyday Was Like Christmas (West – Atlantic Music Corp.)


June 28-30, 1966: Soundtrack Recording for “Double Trouble”

Jun. 28, Radio Recorders, Hollywood

  • City By Night (Giant/Baum/Kaye – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Could I Fall In Love (Starr – Gladys Music)
  • There’s So Much World To See ((Tepper/Weisman – Gladys Music)
  • Long Legged Girl, With A Short Dress On (McFarland/Scott – Elvis Presley Music)

Jun. 29, MGM Studio Recording Stage, Hollywood

  • Double Trouble (Pomus/Shuman - Elvis Presley Music)
  • Baby, If You Give Me All Your Love (Byers – Elvis Presley Music)
  • I Love Only One Girl (Tepper/Bennett – Gladys Music)
  • It Won’t Be Long (Wayne/Weisman – Gladys Music)
  • Old MacDonald (Starr – Gladys Music)
  • Long Legged Girl (McFarland/Scott – Elvis Presley Music)

Jun. 30, MGM Studio Recording Stage, Hollywood

Overdubbed for the June 28-30 Sessions

September 28-29, 1966: Soundtrack Recordings for “Easy Come, Easy Go”

Sep. 28, Paramount Studios Recording Stage, Hollywood

  • Easy Come, Easy Go (Weisman/Wayne – Gladys Music)
  • I’ll Take Love (Fuller/Barkan – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Sing You Children (Nelson/Burch – Elvis Presley Music)

Sep. 29, Paramount Studios Recording Stage, Hollywood

  • She’s A Machine (movie version) (Byers – Elvis Presley Music)
  • She’s A Machine (Byers – Elvis Presley Music)
  • The Love Machine (Nelson/Burch/Taylor – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Yoga Is As Yoga Does (Nelson/Burch – Elvis Presley Music)
  • You Got to Stop (Giant/Baum/Kaye – Elvis Presley Music)