January 13-23, 1969 Studio Sessions for RCA

January 13th, American Studios, Memphis

  • Long Black Limousine (Stovall/George – American Music)
  • This Is The Story (Arnold/Morrow/Martin – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Wearing That Loved On Look (Frazier/Owens – Blue Crest & Elvis Presley Music)

January 14th, American Studios, Memphis

  • You’ll Think Of Me (Shuman – Elvis Presley Music)
  • A Little Bit Of Green (Arnold/Morrow/Martin – Elvis Presley Music)
  • I’m Movin’ On (Snow – Hill and Range Songs)
  • Gentle On My Mind (Hartford – Glaser Publications)

January 15th, American Studios, Memphis

  • Don’t Cry Daddy (Davis – B-n-B & Elvis Presley Music)
  • Inherit The Wind (Rabbitt – S-P-R & Norma Music)
  • Mama Liked The Roses (Christopher – Press Music)

January 16th, American Studios, Memphis

  • My Little Friend (Milete – Last Straw & Elvis Presley Music)

January 20th, American Studios, Memphis

  • In The Ghetto (Davis – B-n-B & Gladys Music)
  • Rubberneckin’ (Jones/Warren – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Gentle On My Mind – vocal overdubs (see Jan. 14th Session)

January 21st, American Studios, Memphis

  • Hey Jude (Lennon/McCartney – Maclen Music)
  • From A Jack To A King (Miller – Jamie Music)

January 22nd/23rd, American Studios, Memphis

  • Without Love (Small – Progressive & Suffolk Music)
  • I’ll Hold You In My Heart (Dillback/Horton/Arnold – Adams Vee & Abbott Inc.)
  • I’ll Be There (Darin – Hudson Music)
  • Suspicious Minds (James – Press Music Co.)

February 17-22, 1969 Studio Sessions for RCA

February 17th, American Studios, Memphis

  • It’s My Way/This Time/I Can’t Stop Loving You (Pierce/Walker – Moman/Don Gibson)
  • True Loves Travel On A Gravel Road (Ownes/Frazier – Blue Crest & Elvis Presley Music)
  • Stranger In My Own Home Town (Mayfeild – Tangerine Music)
  • And The Grass Won’t Pay No Mind (Diamond – Stonebridge Music)

February 18th, American Studios, Memphis

  • Power Of My Love (Giant/Baum/Kaye – Elvis Presley Music)
  • After Loving You (Miller/Lantz – Red River Songs)
  • Do You Know Who I Am (Russell – Russell-Carson Music)

February 19th, American Studios, Memphis

  • Kentucky Rain (Rabbitt/Herd – S-P-R & Elvis Presley Music)
  • Only The Strong Survive (Gamble/Huff/Butler – Parabut/Double Diamond/Downstairs)

February 20th, American Studios, Memphis

  • It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin’ (Tilloston – Ridge Music)
  • Any Day Now (Hillard/Bacharach – Plan Two Music)
  • If I’m A Fool (Kesler – Drury Lane/Beckie Music)

February 21st, American Studios, Memphis

  • The Fair’s Moving On (Fletcher/Flett – Elvis Presley Music)

February 22nd, American Studios, Memphis

  • Who Am I? (Goodman – Journey Music)

March 5-6, 1969 Soundtrack Sessions for Change Of Habit

March 5th, Decca Universal Studios, Hollywood

  • Change Of Habit (Kaye/Weisman – Gladys Music)
  • Let’s Be Friends (Arnold/Marrow/Martin – Gladys Music)
  • Let Us Pray (Kaye/Weisman – Gladys Music)
  • Have A Happy (Weisman/Fuller/Kaye – Gladys Music)

August 21st-26th, 1969 Live Recordings for RCA

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