1971 Studio Sessions

May 15-21, 1971: Studio Sessions for RCA

May 15, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • Miracle Of The Rosary (Denson – Acuff/Rose Music)
  • It Won’t Seem Like Christmas (Balthrop – Elvis Presley Music/Pope Res Music)
  • If I Get Home On Christmas Day (McCaulay – Gladys Music)
  • Padre (LaRue/Hebster/Romans – Anne Rachel Music)
  • Holly Leaves And Trees Christmas Trees (West/Spreen – Elvis Presley Music)
  • Merry Christmas Baby (Baxter/Moore – Hill and Range)
  • Silver Bells (Evans/Livingston – Paramount Music)

May 16, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • The Lord’s Prayer (Arr. By Presley)
  • I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day (Jarret – Elvis Presley Music)
  • On A Snowy Christmas Night (Gelbert – Oten Music)
  • Winter Wonderland (Smith/Bernard – Bregman, Vocco and Conn)
  • Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (Dylan – Warner Bros. Music)
  • O Come All Ye Faithful (Arr. By Presley –Elvis Presley Music)
  • The First Noel (Arr. By Presley – Elvis Presley Music)
  • The Wonderful World Of Christmas (Tobias/Frisch – Hampshire House)

May 17, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • Help Me make It Through The Night (Kristofferson – Combine Music)
  • Until It’s Time For You To Go (Sainte-Marie – Gypsy Boy Music)
  • Lady Madonna (Lennon/McCartney – Northern Songs)
  • Lead Me, Guide Me (Akers – Hill & Range)

May 18, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • Fools Rush In (Bloom/Mercer – Bregman, Vocco/Conn & Commander Pub.)
  • He Touched Me (Gaither – Gaither Music)
  • I’ve Got Confidence (Crouch – Libris Music)
  • An Evening Prayer (Battersby/Gabriel – The Roedheaver Co.)

May 19, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • Seeing Is Believing (West/Spreen – Elvis Presley Music)
  • A Thing Called Love (Reed – Vector Music)
  • It’s Still Here (Hunter – Gladys Music)
  • I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Arr. by Presley – Elvis Presley Music)
  • I Will Be True (Hunter – Hill & Range)

May 20, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • I’m Leavin’ (Jarrett/Charles – Oten Music)
  • We Can Make The Morning (Ramsey – Surety music)
  • I Shall Be Released (Dylan – Warner Bros. Music)
  • It’s Only Love (James/Tyrell – Press Music)

May 21, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • Love Me, Love The Life I Lead (Macaulay/Greenaway – Yellow Dog Music)

June 8-10, 1971: Studio Sessions for RCA =

Jun. 8, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • Until It’s Time For You To Go (Remake) (Sainte-Marie – Gypsy Boy Music)
  • Put Your Hand In The Hand (Maclellan – Beechwood Music)
  • Reach Out To Jesus (Carmicheal – Lexicon Music)

Jun. 9, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • He Is My Everything (Frazier – Blue Crest Music)
  • There Is No God, But God (Kenny – Sun Vine Music)
  • I, John (Johnson/Brooks/McFadden – Blackhawk Music)
  • Bosom Of Abraham (Johnson/Brooks/McFadden/Presley – Blackhawk Music)

Jun. 10, RCA Studio B, Nashville

  • My Way (Anka/Reveaux/Francois – unknown Pub.)
  • I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day (remake) (Jarrett – Oten Music)
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