Song Information Edit

  • Writer(s): Sid Wayne; Ben Wiseman
  • Publisher(s): Gladys Music
  • Recording Date(s): October 1, 1967
  • Recording Location(s): RCA's Studio B. Nashville, Tennessee
  • Catalog No(s): U3KM 2247
  • Take No(s): 2247-03
  • Master Take(s): 3
  • Released on Flaming Star (album) in 1969

Production Notes Edit

The original demo was performed by Glen Campbell.

Notes Edit

Elvis sang "All I Needed Was The Rain" in his 1968 film Stay Away, Joe. The Sid Wayne/Ben Wiseman song was recorded at RCA's Nashville studio on October 2, 1967. The film version had Elvis talking at the end of the song and dogs howling in the background. (Note: The Recording date is 10/1, overdubs was done the following date) (Resource: Elvis His Life A to Z, by Worth, Fred L. and Steve D. Tamerius © 1990 Wings Book)

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Lyrics Edit

Hello misfortune, how's my old friend "Mr. Misery"?

I've been away so long I bet you think you saw the last of me

Got no bed, to rest my head

No doors or walls or window pane

Now all I needed was the rain

rain, rain, rain, rain

Met a little honey at the "Buzzin' Bumble Bee Cafe"

Yes I did

One drink and all my money and that honey bee had flown away

I'm 'bout as low, as I can go

I don't really mean to complain

Now all I needed was the rain

rain, rain...rain..rain

All I needed was this rain...

All I needed was the